American Coatings AWARD

The prestigious American Coatings AWARD will be given for the most outstanding technical presentation at the American Coatings CONFERENCE. Selected and sponsored by ACA and Vincentz Network, it is endowed with a $2,500 cash award along with an attractive sculpture. The winner of the American Coatings AWARD 2016 will be presented at the conference Plenary Session on April 11.

Matiello Award

The Joseph J. Mattiello Lecture was designed to recognize an individual who has made outstanding contributions to science, technology, and engineering related to the coatings industry. The lecturer will present a paper on a phase of chemistry, engineering, human relationship, or other discipline fundamentalto paint, coatings, varnish, lacquer, or related protective and decorative coatings. In order to be eligible for this award, one must be nominated. Each candidate nomination is judged based on the following criteria: technical accomplishment, service to the coatings industry, product and/or technology available to the industry, scope/impact, and presentation capability. This award is presented annually at the American Coatings CONFERENCE and the CoatingsTech Conference.

Roon Award

The Roon Foundation Awards were established and sponsored in 1957 by Leo Roon, founder of Roxalin Flexible Finishes and the Nuodex Corporation. The Roon Award is designed to recognize technical papers representing original scientific and innovative research directly related to the protective coatings industry, and presented by an individual associated with the organic coatings industry. Award competition presenters are individuals associated with the organic coatings industry — including manufacturers, rawmaterial suppliers, educational institutions and research laboratories. In order to be eligible for this award, presenters must request to be considered for the Roon Awards with their abstract submission. This award is given annually at the American Coatings Conference and the CoatingsTech Conference.

Do not miss the Plenary Session on Monday, where the Roon Foundation Awards will be announced.